A Letter of Welcome

Paris Eiffeil Tower

Today, I am finally hitting the publish button on my newest project, The Daisy Edit.

In order to explain what it is, I feel it is important to explain how I got here. If you do not know who I am and just randomly stumbled here on launch day, I am Malin. I am living in Cardiff, Wales, where I spend most of my time running around the city with my camera. I moved to Cardiff last year to finish my postgraduate degree in digital marketing. A couple of years ago, I created ‘What Mia Did’, which was a blog I created to update family and friends during my exchange year in Canada. I created the blog with barely any direction, and just updated it sporadicly when something exciting happened in my life (reality check:I reached a normal, everyday life pretty fast). Long story short, I got pretty bored of just looking for the exciting moments, because to be honest; studying is not always exciting. Long days in the library, dinners at home and running in the park was basically my everyday life. For a long time, I put the blog on hold and was working on a rebranding. Then life happened again.

Penarth Pier Wales

However, what I eventually realized was that ‘What Mia Did’ had turned into a diary instead of a lifestyle blog. I needed something new, something that could be my creative outlet. Even though I love studying digital marketing, I felt I needed to create an online outlet to share my passion for writing and photography, and I started to play around with new ideas and new projects. So I therefore decided it was better to leave ‘What Mia Did’ in the past, and start from scratch.

For months I have been working on a plan of what I want to do for my new project, and it is finally coming together! Therefore I am so happy to finally publish it today, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I already do.


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